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Ruben Ramos

Thank you for visiting my personal page. Colon Cancer and screening awareness is very important to me.

Together we can help encourage people to get screened and save lives to Leave Colon Cancer Behind!

Thank you for your generous support! And come run with me in your boxer underwear on August 19th!



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1. Ruby Mayhan
2. Virginia Ruiz
3. Ruben Ramos
4. Jennifer Carpender
5. Laurie Joslin
Brother in Law age42 with 3 Daughters Stage 4 Colon Cancer 2 years ago his diagnosis! Currently got the call from his Dr. After 29 rounds of chemo To head to Rochester due to his last Petscan ! Thank You Ruben
6. Stephen White
Make it your best 5k yet... thank you for doing this.
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