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Teresa Somers-Elliott

Thank you for visiting my personal page. Colon Cancer and screening awareness is very important to me.

My Dad bravely battled colon cancer for 8 years. He lost his battle with colon cancer on July 18, 2015. He was always full of life, smiles and loved to run! He ran 1/2 marathon with with stage 4 colon cancer and went to the Boxer Run every year up. He smiled every day, never complained and smiled right up until the day the God took him home.

Together we can help encourage people to get screened, increase research and save lives.

Thank you for any amount of support that you are able to give. And come walk or run with my family and I on August 19th!




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1. Melinda Shackelford
Sorry I won’t be able to walk with you, but will be there in spirit!
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